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Remarkably file the FAFSA and CSS/Profile with astonishing speed and accuracy

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Our Process of Work


Our Financial Aid Filing Software saves you time and money


We Instantly find huge tuition discounts


Automatically fill out the College Board’s dependent verification form


Remarkably file the FAFSA and CSS/Profile with astonishing speed and accuracy

Time Saved

Our Testimonials

Join the Happy Customers of FAFSAsoft and See Why They Love Our Services!

Why FAFSAsoft EZ File System?
In 1996, one of the things I learned was the financial aid process. Managing the forms for parents was a tedious job, and for a short time I outsourced the filing of the FAFSA and CSS/Profile.

However, the services back in the late 1990’s were seriously lacking and I went back to filing the forms on my own. Because taking on an enormous responsibility involved assuming a great deal of liability and the fact that it was an incredibly boring and repetitive chore, I began developing systems to ensure financial aid deadlines were met and perhaps most importantly, the parent and student information was 100% accurate.

In the summer of 2003, I opened the Client Care Center, later to become the College Family Care Center, and it would manage the entire financial aid process for the clients of other college financial professionals.

My personal goal is to inspire every college funding advisor in America to use their business as a tool for their personal happiness. FafsaSoft EZ File System gives them the one thing that money can’t buy: Time. We empower our licensees to grow their incomes, spend more time with their families, and even take a vacation during the financial aid season WITHOUT fear of problems during their absence. And I believe that keeping staff and money in the community is profitable and the right thing to do.

Those who used to outsource now keep thousands of dollars for themselves and their families and do it in a fraction of the time anyone can do it manually. We create great user experiences every day and are committed to supporting our licensees at all times. I hope you will become one of them.

Stuart Siegel
President of CTS, Inc.
Creator of the FafsaSoft EZ File System

Why College Planners Benefit

Our clients are successful college funding advisors. The FafaSoft EZ File System saves them tons of time and effort and that is the same as making more money. No more chasing clients for information. Advisors are freed from boring and repetitive tasks to do more productive and profitable things like finding new clients…and make more money on each client!

Consider all the time it takes working on each students “case” and reducing those hours to 13 minutes. If a parent decides not to buy a financial product, the planner still makes a sizable net profit.

Training the advisor or the employee to work the system is as easy as teaching someone to cook a basket full of French Fries.

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How It Works

Everything that can be automated is. FafaSoft EZ File System calculates EFCs; creates college funding plans; finds colleges that will offer the most financial aid by a new process that considers ALL aspects of the formula; obtains FSA IDs; files FAFSAs; captures EFC’s, correction and verification codes; registers and files the CSS/Profile; completes the IDOC Dependent Verification Form; evaluates awards for fairness; tracks client progress; and provides system wide status reports. With a few clicks of a mouse EZ File will also send reminder and financial aid alert emails, phone calls and texts to your clients. Perhaps most important of all, liability is transferred to the clients.

This is all coordinated with a fully interactive File My College Info client/advisor web site. Everything is centralized. From the student and parents personal and financial information to the financial aid award evaluation, all is done in one secure place. Before calling your office, parents check their students aid progress and communicate with you electronically reducing unnecessary phone calls and emails.

We go to great lengths to make sure our licensees have the most effective, easiest to use, 100% accurate and intuitive software. We provide the most current data and handle the entire infrastructure. Training is offered periodically or available by special arrangement so our licensees realize EZ File’s full potential and promise.


Quality Service 100%
Accurate Software 100%
Affordable Price 100%

Our Work

Here at CTS, Inc. we constantly bring new techniques to life in the form of sophisticated, yet easy-to-use financial aid filing software. Check out a few examples of what FafaSoft EZ File System does.


Obtain and store FSA IDs for student(s) and parent(s).

EFC Calculator

You can find out the Federal and Institutional Expected Family Contribution formulas.

College Funding Plan

Our FINRA reviewed college planning program is powered by CFS. Show your client how to save ON not just for the cost of college.

File The FAFSA

Automatically file the FAFSA using the IRS DRT, check and print SARs, add colleges, you have the final say about submitting. File as preparer or not.

Financial Aid Award Evaluator

Instantly analyze each financial aid award for fairness.

Communication Center

You can manage the entire financial aid process from the EZ File Communications Center. Includes status and action reports, client email alerts and phone call follow ups.

File The CSS/Profile

Automatically registers, files, creates accounts, adds colleges and interacts with IDOC.

Merit Max

In minutes discover the colleges that will offer the most merit and grant aid. Use to find colleges that can be used for leveraging purposes.

Personalized College Family Website

Everything starts with The File College Info EZ File System! Attractive secure advisor/client interface contains everything an advisor needs to manage their client's financial aid process. Extensive database used for student leveraging, financial aid award evaluations and deadlines including early admissions programs.


Unintended Benefit of Processing Financial Aid IN-house
A Real World Example

Recently a licensee from San Francisco, CA disclosed to me that FafaSoft EZ File System allowed her to eliminate the expense of outsourcing by bringing the work in-house. The actual time involved with client financial aid is about 15 minutes and the savings allowed her to charge much less for her services, thus making her program easier to sell to more people. By bringing in more clients, the revenue generated by providing them with the financial instruments they need, has transformed her business.

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